Friday, April 17, 2009

Potatoes, anyone?

I was watching Cooking With the Neely'swith my sister. They were featuring a side dish called Warm Bacon Potato Salad. Normally I'm not a potato salad type of person, but for some reason this spoke to my stomach. (The reason also could have been that I hadn't eaten lunch yet.) My sister and I, after much debating, decided to make the potato salad.

We made a list of need ingredients, and headed off to the store. We bought all the ingredients, which we rather expensive. We then went home to embark on our new cooking adventure.

Once at home, we set to work cooking the potatoes, frying the bacon, and making the dressing-type concoction that the potatoes are tossed in. Also in the salad are onions and garlic. I am not a big fan of onions; in fact, I absolutely hate them. I was a little skeptical about the end result.

While my sister and her boyfriend, Omar, were making the rest of the lunch, I finished making the potato salad. I mixed all of the ingredients and placed it in a bowl. After everything was done, we sat down to eat. I put some of the potato salad on my plate, and took a timid bite.

It was nothing like I had thought it would be. The sauce contains white wine vinegar, and that flavor was prevalent in the dish. There were lots of onions, which made me like it even less. Needless to say, I wouldn't personally recommend it to anyone.

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