Friday, April 10, 2009

Famous Dave's

This past Sunday I went to Indianapolis. It was for my friend's father's birthday. There were almost 25 extra people in attendance, and he was totally surprised. We ate at Famous Dave's, his favorite restaurant. This, in my mind, is quite funny, since his name is Dave.
We were all seated before he arrived, and there were too many chairs at the table that I was sitting at. The table was supposed to seat three comfortably, since there was hardly any room on the table. There were four of us at the table, and an extra chair was seated next to me. Another friend came and sat down in the seat, and the waiter brought us our drinks. I inevitably spilled my water all over me in the first five minutes of being there because of the lack of room on the table. For the rest of the time that I was there, I looked like I had wet my pants. Talk about embarrassing. I bet you wouldn't have wanted to sit in front of twenty five other people, plus whoever else was at the restaurant, looking like you couldn't control your bladder.
Famous Dave's is a restaurant that serves all sorts of barbecue goodness. I ordered the ribs and beef brisket combo. It was very delicious. They have five different kinds of barbecue sauce on the table so that you can choose which one you want to put on your dinner. Most dinners come with a side item of your choice, plus corn bread and corn on the cob. I tried the mashed sweet potatoes as my side, but it wasn't very good.
By the time dessert time rolled around, my pants were still wet. I didn't order any dessert, but a few other people did. They had bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. It looked good, and they said it was quite tasty; however, I did not actually get to try it.
We drove home in the pouring rain, but the food was well worth it. If you like barbecue, I suggest that you give Famous Dave's a try.


  1. I'm not going to lie, there are times when I avoid your entries becasue they just make my mouth water. Famous Dave's is amazing, but I like how you incorporated a funny experience in with your description. It made it an entertaining read.

  2. Dang that would be embarracing! But stuff like that happens to anyone and everyone sometimes. Its good to be able to laugh at even yourself sometimes lol.

    But heck ya I love BBQ! I am going to definitley check this place out. I live around the Indianapolis area so I am going to look it up this summer. I've been looking for a good BBQ place up here for a while now. My mouth is already watering. Thanks for the good post!