Monday, March 9, 2009

Two Cookin' Sisters

This past weekend, I took a little trip with my sister, mother, and grandmother. (It was very little, since I almost always have to work on Saturdays.) We went to Brookston, Indiana. Now, for those of you who do not know where this is, it is located about fifteen or twenty minutes away from good, old West Lafayette. Our destination: Two Cookin' Sisters.

Two Cookin' Sisters is a small shop in Brookston that sells a variety of things, mostly homemade. The main item that they sell is homemade jelly. We're not just talking original grape jelly here, folks. They make all kinds. (They have red raspberry and chocolate to hot red pepper jelly.) You are bound to find one that you like.

My mom is practically obsessed with a certain kind of jelly that you can only get at Two Cookin' Sisters, and this was the reason for our adventure. The jelly that my mom likes so much is called Strawberry Margarita. Now, I can't vouch for the goodness of this particular jelly, because I have honestly never tried it. It doesn't sound that appealing to me. However, I did pick up a jar of jelly for myself. It is called "Grandad's Orchard Spiced Peach Jam." Let me tell you, it tastes just like peach pie. It is amazingly good.

Not only do they sell jelly, but they sell homemade barbeque sauce, homemade salsa, pickles, relish, tortilla chips, and homemade applesauce. Along with these items, they sell hand crafted items from Indiana residents. (These range from mounted photography, to ceramics, and also blown glass and homemade paper.)

If you're not going anywhere for spring break, I suggest you take a mini trip and check it out. There is an ice cream parlor attached to the store, and they sell some pretty tasty treats, too.

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