Friday, March 13, 2009

Irish Potatoes

Earlier this week, I received homemade "cookies" from a friend. In honor of St. Patrick's day coming up, she made me something called Irish Potatoes. Sounds weird, right?

When I was first presented with the gift, I was a little skeptical. Something sweet that is called Irish Potatoes? And not only that, but it looked just like a potato. The "potato" was wrapped in aluminum foil. I next opened that foil, and inside was a brown blob, which was, in fact, shaped like a potato. (Surprise, right?!?) The blob was covered in what looked like brown powder.

I was scared to take a bite, no joke. Well, I got over my silly fear, and opened my mouth and took a tiny bite. It was really bitter at first. But then I tasted something slightly sweet. Looking down, I noticed that the inside of the "potato" was white, just like in a real potato. I was amazed at the construction of this.

After the initial shock, I figured out what this little creation was made out of. The inside was white divinity. (For those of you that have never had divinity, it is a really sugary candy that is mainly made out of eggs whites, and well, sugar.) It also contained a few walnuts. The outside turned out to be cinnamon and cocoa powder mixed together, with a few walnuts sprinkled about.

It doesn't sound very good, does it? Well, after the first few bites, you begin to acquire a taste for it. It really grows on you. It is not too bitter and not too sweet, either. If you're feeling like a tasty treat for St. Patrick's Day, I suggest you give these a try.


  1. When I read the title to this, I was expecting it to be about actual potatoes. I think I have heard about these before though, I just didn't know it was a dessert. I thought it was effective to relate this entry to the upcoming holiday. However, I feel like you could have talked a little more about the relationship between this dessert and the holiday. Is this a common Irish dessert? When you describe the taste of the dessert, I thought you did a great job capturing the sense of taste in words. This way your reader knows what to expect if they were to ever try this food.

  2. Your title really caught my attention. I really wasn't sure what to expect. This desert does sound really good though. I always enjoy reading your entries. I love food so I love getting your insight on tasty treats and good restaurants. I think you did a really nice job on this entry. I feel it was very well organized and easy to follow, but at the same time it still held my attention. I might even try some of these Irish Potatoes. You did a great job.