Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheeseburger in Paradise

This past weekend, on one of my final days of Spring break, I went to a place near Indianapolis. I hadn't really gone anywhere on my Spring break, so it was a good way to end it. (I was a slave to my work all week, which is why I didn't get to go anywhere.)

My sister, our friend Kayla, and I were all in my car on Saturday afternoon trying to decide what to eat for lunch. This is always a big process for us, because none of us ever know what we want to eat. We're sitting there, driving around my apartment complex, and I'm asking them whether I should go left or right. No one is saying anything. My sister, I think jokingly, says let's go to Cheeseburger in Paradise. At first I was definitely thinking in my head that she was a little crazy. However; about five seconds later, I'm all for the idea. It's something to do, right?

We drive back to my sister's apartment, since we never really got very far in the first place, and pick up her boyfriend, Omar. When we're all in the car, we realize that we don't have directions; but not to worry, I thought I had some in my glove compartment. We look, and I really don't. Instead, I decide to wing it since I think I know how to get there. (We got there ok, except once we got within a one mile radius of Cheeseburger in Paradise it was a little sketchy.)

Cheeseburger in Paradise is a restaurant that is beach themed. In the waiting area, they have wooden beach chairs decorated in neon colors. We go up to the hostess, and she seats us near the back in a booth. The walls are decorated in palm trees and sunsets. It's really quite cool.

Omar and I order homemade lemonade to drink, and Erika (my sister) and Kayla order coconut iced tea. I've never had coconut iced tea, so I tried it. It was really good, suprisingly. The lemonade, however; wasn't the best. To eat, I had to get a cheeseburger. (The name is Cheeseburger in Paradise, is it not?) I decided on the Barbecue Cheddar Burger, with fries on the side. It was quite tasty. The fries are the skinny kind, like McDonald's, only a bajillion times better.

They do not only sell cheeseburgers. They have salads, chicken, shrimp, etc. They also have dessert. While we did not get any this time since we were all stuffed, we have tried the chocolate nachos before. I was not a big fan of these, since I think it's a little weird to be eating chocolate flavored tortilla chips. Everyone else that went thought they were really good though. The chocolate nachos are chocolate and plain tortilla chips topped with chocolate sauce and sprinkles and has vanilla ice cream one the side.

To end our trip, we drove around looking for a mall or something. We didn't find one. The food was well worth the trip, though. If you love the beach, but can't get away to Florida, I suggest you try Cheeseburger in Paradise.

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  1. Cheeseburger in Paradise is amazing. I definitely have to agree with you there! Everyone should try it at least once in their life because it is a great experience. At the Cheeseburger in Paradise where I live they usually have live music as well. Usually I'm not a fan of live music while I'm eating but they usually bring in really good people.

    I've never had their chocolate nachos before but it definitely sounds interesting! The salads and everything else they have there is just as good as their cheeseburgers.