Friday, March 6, 2009

Donuts Galore

This morning, on my way to campus for class, I stopped at Mary Lou Donuts. Mary Lou has been one of my favorite breakfast stops for as long as I can remember. It's fast, and there is plenty of variety.

Mary Lou Donuts is located on 4th Street, in Lafayette. It is a out-dated looking building, but don't let that fool you. Inside, there is not a lot of room to sit down, so I suggest you take your donuts to go. However, if you feel the need to sit down, there is about a total of maybe twelve seats in the whole place. They are light blue/teal in color, and they are swivel chairs with no backs. They're very retro-esque.

When ordering your donuts, there are many flavors to choose from. They have jelly filled (my personal favorite), cream filled, donuts with no filling, cake donuts, dream horns, apple fritters, and many more. There are about thirty different varieties in all, and they usually have a special donut of the week, too.

To go along with your donuts, you can order milk; which also comes in a few select flavors. They also carry orange juice, coffee, tea, and lemonade; but I strongly suggest the chocolate milk. To me, donuts and milk go together.

Mary Lou opens very early, at around 6 a.m., and closes each day around 5 p.m., except for Sunday. They are closed on Sunday. The donuts range in price from 35 cents to about one dollar, depending on what you get. I've tried many kinds of donuts from here, and they have all been delicious.


  1. Oh wow donuts sound soooo good right now, I can't remember the last time I had one. My dad used to bring home donuts early in the morning for my family, but now he usually will just pick up panera bagles, which are good, but are not donuts. My favorite donut is the the cream filled with chocolate drizzled on top! And I agree that milk goes along very well with donuts!

  2. Wow! I agree! I started reading this and was stuffed full from my huge lunch, and by the time I had finished, I was suddenly craving some donuts. I don’t know if it was the picture of the donuts or the blog, but either way, I now feel like having a dozen Mary Lou Donuts.

    I have donuts from there about every week, and they really are delicious! And you are right, there sure is a lot of variety.

    I’m a health freak sometimes, and any blog that can make me hungry for fried dough is a good blog!

  3. Donuts and milk definetley go together. Sounds like a very homey place. One of those places that has its regulars and the shop owners become people's morning friends. I feel like those types of restaraunts are hard to find, but when you do find them it is a real treat.