Friday, February 13, 2009

Pizza....fruit style.

Tonight is Friday night. While a lot of you might be going home for the weekend, partying, or doing something with your girlfriend/boyfriend, I am not. Tonight my sister is having a game night at her apartment. (So, you're probably thinking that I'm a loser. But hey, whatever.) First off, this game night is going to be a little bit different than her usual game nights. The usual game nights consist of usually four or five people sitting around her table playing a game or two. We all have fun, until I inevitably spill my drink all over her new place mats or table cloth, and the night is ruined.

Tonight is going to be a little bit different. She has decided to step up game night a little bit, and has invited an enormous amount of people over; probably more than will be able to fit into her apartment. So, when she asked me to come, I of course said yes. She then asked me if I would make some sort of food for this extravagant event. Again, I said yes. (Apparently food is the price of admission for game night tonight.) So, I was sitting in class yesterday trying to figure out what to make. I couldn't decide, so I texted my sister and she recommended that I make fruit pizza.

The last time that I made fruit pizza was in 6th grade home economics class. It was the only time that I had ever made it, so I wasn't real confident in this choice. However, I set out this morning after my only class to make it. I went to the local Kroger and bought the ingredients, and went home. It calls for premade sugar cookie dough, and you're supposed to press it into a pizza pan or something like that. I don't have a pizza pan. So I improvised and I just rolled the dough out into a circle. It didn't look very big when I put it on the cookie sheet, so I decided to add a little more dough. If you've read any of my previous posts, you know that I have a knack for not following directions.
After it is done baking, I take it out of the over. It didn't turn out very small. In fact, it turned out quite large. Well, I guess that means more fruit pizza for everyone, right? I finish making the pizza, and everything else goes smoothly. As I type this, it's in my refrigerator.There's nothing else I can do for it except keep it in the refrigerator until game night, I suppose. So, I hope all of you have fun on your weekend escapades, and hopefully someday you'll give this type of pizza a try.


  1. Is that the actual picture of it? because if it is I think you did a great job!

    Fruit Pizza is by far the best kind of pizza. It's my personal favorite. Way to be good at improvising, that sounds really good right now. I'm jealous of your baking skills. I'm an alright chef but I would never have the creativity to improvise in such a manner.

    Good work! I'm really curious though if that picture is one of the pizza you made. If so, your decorating skills are amazing. Also, I would just like to add that going to a game night on a Friday night doesn't make you a loser.

  2. That isn't actually the one I made. So, don't be too impressed. I haven't taken a picture of mine yet, but when I do I'll post a picture. I made the fruit into a heart shape for Valentine's Day. It's pretty sweet.

  3. Mmmmmm, that sounds really good! I would have to agree with trueguy, fruit pizza is the best. The taste of all different types of fruit with the sweetness of the sugar icing just can't be beat. My question is what type of fruit did you put on it? For me, kiwi is a neccessary, but I don't know where you can find it this time of the year.

  4. Fruit pizza on sugar cookie crust sounds so delicious!! I know they've had mini make-your-own fruit pizzas in the dining courts but they are always out of the fruit when I get there. It's totally ok that you don't follow directions because the best chefs always break the rules anyway!! And what can go wrong with cookies and fruit?...Even if it is Friday the 13th!

  5. I truly am not much of a pizza person, but this definitely sounds like a great plan! That picture looks absolutely delicious and I would love to have a cookie crust with so much scrumptious fruit to top it with! Bon Apetit!

  6. YUMMMMM! I love fruit pizza! I have always liked it although I can not pick out a time when my mom made it for me. On a good day, we will have little fruit pizza's made for us for dinner at training table. I have am not real sure what the frosting stuff is made out of, but the mixture of that and thr fruit is sooooo wonderful!
    I am not sure if you have ever tried this, but I went to party to watch the super bowl and one of the girls had made grape salad. She said it was very simple to make, and it consisted of grapes (of course), whip cream, and cream chees, I think. But im sure it is not very good for you, but it sure taste good!

  7. I LOVE fruit pizza. It is honestly one of my favorite foods/deserts or whatever. I didn't know how far reaching the world of fruit pizza is and when I saw this title I was hooked. My mouth is watering and I am now very jealous.