Friday, February 27, 2009

Pizza King

What college student doesn't love pizza? If you're anything like the average student, you probably eat pizza at least once a week. On Wednesday night of this week, I received a phone call from a friend that I had no spoken to, let alone seen, since we graduated from high school. She wanted to get together over dinner and "catch up" so to speak. I gladly accepted, and we made plans to meet at one of the local Pizza Kings.If you've never had pizza from Pizza King, it is some of the best pizza in Indiana. (There are more Pizza Kings located in a few select places in Indiana.)

When we arrived at the small restaurant, we seated our selves. The menus are located at the tables, and you get to press an intercom button to order. After decided what we would like to eat, we ordered. The only thing that is brought to you at your table are your drinks. They arrive on a small train located behind glass next to the tables. It is really quite neat, and makes the restaurant unique.

Your food is prepared very quickly, and your intercom at the table tells you when it is ready. You go to the counter, where you pick up your food and pay for it. You then go back to your table and eat your pizza.

The pizza is not cut into triangle shaped slices. The pizza is cut into little square shaped pieces. If you're not used to your pizza being cut like this, it takes a little bit of getting used to. Also, the pizza is a very thin type of crust pizza. I read on the menu the other day that they now have thick crust pizza, but I cannot vouch for it because I have never tried it.

Their bread sticks are pretty yummy, and I recommend getting the nacho cheese to go with them. Also on their menu are submarine sandwiches. I am not a big sandwich fan, but their Texas Barbecue sub is just about to die for. Another item on their menu, if you're not in the mood for pizza, is their Pizza King Salad. It is loaded with cheese, ham, turkey, radishes, croutons, and green onions; plus your choice of dressing.

The atmosphere is good, and I am sure that you will enjoy the food. It is in between not expensive and expensive, if that makes any sense. Their hours and locations are listed in the link above, if you click on the words Pizza King.


  1. I absolutely love eating at Pizza King! We have one in my home town and it is one of my favorite places to eat. During high school, my friends and I would always eat there after home basketball games. I think my favorite part about eating there is when the train brings your drink order. It is so cute and a very good idea. My favorite kind of pizza to order there is pepperoni. Their bread sticks are some of the best I have ever had and I love getting them with nacho cheese too.

  2. Pizza is amazing food for college students, it quick, tasty and convenient. I have never had Pizza King, but I have had Mad Mushroom on campus. I would have to say it is the best pizza I have ever had. They have really good deals during the week too. This is especially appealing to us college kids. I have never tried pizza king, but I will have to after the recommendation from you. It sounded like a pretty unique little place. Hopefully, I will be able to grab some pizza there soon. Thanks for the recommendation.