Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Food. Comida. Whatever you want to call it.

Food. We all eat it. Some of us enjoy it more than others, and no one enjoys the same exact foods as the last person. Growing up, food was a big part of my family. We made food for everything, whether it be for a church dinner, or just for an after school snack.
I learned a lot of what I know about cooking from my grandmother. (Let's just say the cooking gene must have skipped a generation, meaning that my mom most certainly didn't receive it.) The rest I learned by trial and error growing up. This is how I learned to love food. Trying new foods is sort of a passion for me, in a sense.
I'm not going to lie, I don't like a lot of things that I try. As much as I love food, there are just some food items that I absolutely hate. But hey, the same goes for everyone, right? However, if you never try anything new, then you're probably missing out on something amazing. (In my opinion, anyways. It's something my mother always told me.)
Cupcakes are beyond my favorite thing to make, just because they're just so darn cute. (Don't lie, I know you think so, too.) So be forewarned, I'll probably either write about them a lot, or have a lot of pictures of them. So. Enjoy. =)


  1. I really enjoy cooking too. Unfortunately, I think I am like your mom because unless I have a recipe in front of me I can not cook anything. I have always wanted to learn how to do cake decorating though. I think all college students have to enjoy food at least a little bit. It would be nice though if it was easier to cook in the residence halls because some only have one kitchenette for the whole building. That is one thing I miss about home. This post caught my attention with the color and it is something everyone can relate to. I also, of course, love the picture.

  2. Cooking happens to be one of my favorite things. Well, baking really because it's the easiest thing to do. I make a amazing Boston Cream Cake and Choux a la Creme! I learned to cook from my mom. I would always help prepare dinner and I'd watch what she did. I usually don't use recipies (except for baking). I go with whatever smells and tastes right. It's a very artistic process I think.

  3. I enjoy food too, so we both have that in common, but im not the best cook. Everyday, I miss the fact that I would come home from practice or school, and my mom would have a nice dinner ready and the table set. Now, in college, it is hard to find the time to have a nice home made meals. The dining halls get old fast and living in the dorm, its not easy to cook.

    The only things I can really make is Mac and Cheese, but im sure if I was put to the test I could make more. I was at a friends house the other night and my friend made a buffalo chicken chip dip. I recommend that you try it sometime, its great, if you like buffalo. But anyways, I enjoy your blog, good work!