Thursday, January 29, 2009

And what, may I ask, are we supposed to do with all this snow?

So, I'm sure that when we all woke up on Wednesday morning and looked out our windows, we had a variety of thoughts. Some of us might of been thinking "Uggh, snow. I hate snow." or "I really don't want to walk to class in this mess."; while others of us might have been thinking "Great, snow. I love snow. Woohoo." or "I hope Purdue cancels classes and we get a snow day!" (Yeah right, Purdue cancel classes? That's a joke.) I personally was thinking about how I was going to get my car out of the parking lot in able to get to school on time. (Let's just say it didn't end up happening. It took me, and two random guys that live in the apartment complex adjacent to me, almost an hour and a half to get my car to a plowed road.) Since I didn't have another class until 3:30, I decided to visit my sister who lives a couple buildings over from me. (They had plowed her parking lot, how unfair, right?)

So, my sister is that type of person who just loves the snow, or just seems to this year. My sister is a senior here at Purdue, in her last semester. She is student teaching at Rossville this year. For those of you not around here, Rossville is a really small town basically in the middle of nowhere, or so it seems. When it snows, it's always inevitable that she will get a two hour delay or Rossville will get cancelled; which is why I think she likes the snow so much right now. Anyways, when I get to my sister's, she's pretty excited. Of course it has something to do about snow. By now, I'm pretty sure that you're thinking "Isn't her blog supposed to be about food?" Well, I'm about to get to that part. My sister is so excited about the snow because she wants to make snow ice cream. Yeah, that's right. Snow ice cream.

If we hadn't done this once before, I would have thought that she was crazy. But trust me, snow ice cream is pretty good. So, we get a really big bowl (and I mean really big) and head outside. If you ever decide to make this, make sure you go to a place where there is clean snow. You don't want any nasty things getting into your ice cream. It is best to make this right after the snow falls, not three or four days later. Anyways, back to the story. We go back inside, and my sister decides that she wants to make chocolate snow ice cream. The last time we made it, we followed the recipe, which was for vanilla. For chocolate, the recipe said to add chocolate milk instead of white milk. Neither of us had any chocolate milk, so my sister decided that it was a smart idea to melt chocolate chips to mix into the snow. If either of us had thought about this before we did it, we would have known that this wouldn't work. I mean seriously, putting melted chocolate into FREEZING cold snow? Needless to say, when we poured the chocolate in the bowl, it immediately froze back into chocolate. Now that we felt a little dumb, we plucked the frozen mass of chocolate out and threw it away.

We then rummaged around in her pantry, and came up with the next best solution, hot chocolate mix. After mixing it into the snow mixture, we tasted it. It wasn't really chocolately, but it would do the trick. So, in all reality, snow ice cream is good. That is, if you follow the recipe and don't try anything crazy. So go do something fun, and make yourself some snow ice cream with all this snow that we have.

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  1. That is really funny! I would have thought that the melted chocolate would have melted the snow and made it into water, but that is funny that you ended up with a chunk of ice and hard chocolate, right back where you started. When you made it the first time, how did it not taste watery? I am definitely one of those people who doesn't like snow but if I knew I could make ice cream from it I think I would have been a little more excited about how much snow we got this week! Good post! :)